Short Sale Marketing Methods To Get Short Sale Sellers Chasing You

In tough economies there are more and more sellers who have trouble with their mortgage payments. Rising interest rates and soaring unemployment make it challenging to make payments. When someone misses their first payment it is a stressful time. They can receive phone calls from the bank, they will see their credit score dip, and then the feeling of “what next?” can be overwhelming.

Some sellers aren’t aware that they can be relieved of the burden of their home without facing foreclosure. The complex maze of loan modifications and short sale requirements can be dizzying to those who are untrained. When a real estate agent has experience with short sales (don’t worry you don’t have to have a certification) then reaching out to those in need becomes the first goal.

To get more short sale prospects chasing you to help them list their home, I invite you to consider the following short sale marketing methods.

Marketing Message – How are you going to let prospects know you are different? Don’t think you can put you are “certified” or have “experience” if you really want to stand out. How can you ease them from their pain? How can you get the bank to stop calling? How can you help them save their credit? Craft a marketing message that demonstrates how you can save them time and save their credit and you will have sellers eagerly chasing you.
Marketing Mediums – It would be great to say that if you just sent them a letter they would rush to the phone. In today’s array of media options reaching prospects in more than 1 method will give you the edge. When you can reach prospects that are searching online, opening their mailbox and those who are on the social networks you will be able to generate a storm of eager prospects.
Marketing Strategy – A short sale marketing strategy should encompass your marketing message, your marketing mediums, and give you a plan of the frequency of everything. Putting up a website and hoping someone will find it will leave you broke. Consider having a balanced attack of all mediums and a regular method of reaching prospects (from social networking, content, phone, and email) and watch your listings grow.
Discover short sale marketing methods to help you get prospects chasing you today. From short sale letters, postcards, and even social networking updates you can discover a balanced approach to putting you in front of more short sale prospects today.

Todd Bates is a national Marketing and Business coach. Through his programs, such as Todd Bates Systems, he shares innovative systems to help businesses owners and sales professionals dramatically grow their sales.

His systems cover a broad base from sales conversion to marketing on a budget. The strategies that he shares have enabled him to net over 1 million dollars a year since the age of 24.